09:55 Thursday 13 February 2014

An evening of comedy with Fresh Meat star Jack Whitehall


ARRIVING at the Wolves Civic for an evening of laughter and light-hearted fun, I was not disappointed.

Stand-up comic Jack Whitehall’s ‘Work In Progress’ tour featured a diverse collection of ‘posh boy’ gags featuring the Lion King, rotating doors in train toilets, his sex life and Geordies to name just a few.

Describing himself as a ‘beta male’, Jack poked fun at bullies, alpha males and the ‘pussy patrol’ and then moved on to talk about hypochondria and the perils of the NHS Direct website.

The Lion King theme was recurrent and the evening culminated in Jack dressed in a lion onesie striding out to the Lion King theme tune ‘ruining’ his own ending by mistaking the Jamaican accent for the Irish.

I enjoyed the level of audience interaction and Jack consistently involved members of the audience in his jokes.

He rolled from one joke to the next very naturally, and as the second half began, you felt like he was sitting down to tell you a story.

My only criticism is that he brought up quite a bit of past material, and as a big fan of his I had watched the majority of his past shows beforehand.

The evening flew past as Jack had an incredible stage presence and kept the laughs flowing for a solid two hours, which felt shorter. I had a very enjoyable night out and Jack was full of energy and fun throughout.

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