16:18 Tuesday 26 February 2013

Stooshe 'so excited' to play Alton Towers Live

Written byYasamin Saeidi

Earlier we chatted to a very excitable Karis from Stooshe about their upcoming performance at Alton Towers Live and their debut album.

Hi Karis, are you looking forward to playing at Alton Towers this summer?

Oh my god we’re so excited, we’ve never been to Alton Towers! We’re going to try and make a weekend of it if they let us! We want to catch the other acts and get on the rides. Alex and I are going to love it but we may have to drag Courtney on some of the rides!

Which of the other acts are you looking forward to seeing?

It’s usually all the same sort of acts at these concerts so we’re just looking forward to seeing all of them really. We’re always really busy so it’s nice to have friends in the industry who we can catch up with at these gigs.

If Stooshe were a rollercoaster, what kind of ride would it be?

It would start off slowly and build up and suddenly go really fast – like a dark horse coming out with a bang!

I heard today that your debut album’s release has been delayed because you weren’t happy with it. Why was this?

We’d had everything printed and ready to go but when we listened back we weren’t happy with how some of the songs had been mixed. We’d worked long and hard on this album and we wanted to get it right. So we’ve taken control, chopped and changed things and changed the artwork and now we're happy with it.

When Love Me came out you came across as being feisty street girls but your image seemed to slightly change into something more glamorous – is this because there’s two different sides to Stooshe?

The most important thing is the music. We didn’t feel that the direction we were being taken was right. After the success of Black Heart I think everyone got carried away and thought that that was the way to go forward. You can expect a whole new Stooshe on the album, but really we are the girls who came out with Love Me.

So what kind of sound can we look forward to on the album?

You can expect a really varied album, more of the old Stooshe sound but a lot of Motown, pop, there’s a reggae song on there and some piano ballads so a real variety.

You’ve already worked with Travie McCoy on Love Me, is there anyone else you’d particularly like to work with?

Yeah some of the songs on the album have been co-written with Travie McCoy and we’ve done a song with Professor Green recently – it’s just amazing to be able to work with good writers. We’re happy to work with anyone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, any upcoming talents. It would be amazing to work with Jay Z and Kanye West though!

What can people coming to the Alton Towers gig expect from your set?

If you’ve never been to see Stooshe before then expect lots of energy and charisma. There will be a lot of chemistry on stage because we’re all best friends. We’ll also be playing some new songs from the album which is out in May.

And you’re playing in Birmingham’s HMV Institute tonight as well?

Yes, we’re just on our way to Birmingham now, we’re so excited! We’ve had lots of tweets from our fans who are coming tonight. We’ve played there before when we toured with Nicki Minaj and J Lo and the crowds are always amazing.

What does the future hold for Stooshe?

We just want to remain having fun and show that girlbands aren’t dead!

Stooshe will be joining Olly Murs, Rizzle Kicks, Labrinth, Little Mix, Conor Maynard, James Arthur and Union J at Alton Towers Live on Saturday, 6th July. Tickets go on sale 9am Friday 1st March through www.aeglive.co.uk. For more information visit the Alton Towers website.

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