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Written byROB SMYTH


Feed My Brain


THIS is a catchy little rock anthem that begins with a nice guitar rift. Feed My Brain is a decent offering from Radkey, who I am not too familiar with but they defiantly have a definitive recognisable sound with the lead vocals being the main attraction. There is also a cover of Faith No More’s Digging the Grave which is also worth a listen. Overall I wouldn’t be opposed to listening to these tracks again. For rock fans looking for something new to add to their music collection, Radkey could be your perfect match. I would be quite interested in hearing them live as I imagine they would be pretty good.

(Sarah Bould)

Feelin’ myself



I am no normally one that really takes a great deal of time to listen to Will.i.am’s efforts but this song was quite catchy.

Ably assisted by women of the moment Miley Cyrus and various other artists, his latest effort is very good.

It shows off impressive production and interesting lyrics, which might be a sign that he is growing as an artist.

I am not saying that the man does not annoy me still (he really does) but he cannot be faulted for this latest song.

(Rob Smyth)


Imagine Dragons feat. Kendrick Lamar


MANY will remember this smash hit from last year created by the band from the United States.

As seems to be the case these days, once a song has been out for while it reappears in a new form some months later.

It can be reborn as a dance remix or have a bevy of supporting singers tacked on to the end to give it a brand new fell.

This happens to be the later but it does work better than most similar efforts.

The Imagine Dragons portion of the track remains unaltered with rapper Kendrick Lamar popping up right before the end of the track to sprinkle a bit of hip hop onto proceedings.

It does not detract from the song but does not add much either.

This means that it will be probably one for die hard fans only but I enjoyed it but would not seek it out again.

(Rob Smyth)


Katy B


AFTER riding high in the charts a few years ago, Katy B is now back and, my word, it is with a bang.

Her first single of her new album is called 5am and it is a cracker.

Stunning vocals and a cracking backing track all help to form a great little song that would perform well in a club as well as a great anthem if you are our running a need a bit of boost.

She might have been away for sometime but this song is proof that Katy B is back and better than ever.

(Rob Smyth)

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