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Single reviews

Written byROB SMYTH

Lewis Watson

Some songs with some friends (Warner)


LISTENING to this makes me realise how behind the times I am when it comes to the music scene. How have I let Lewis Watson completely pass me by?

The EP launches with solo effort Even If, and continues with three duets including Droplets with Gabrielle Aplin, who I am also starting to become a fan of.

The EP is already available to buy and is sure to give Watson even more of the recognition that he deserves.

With four of his EPs already hitting the iTunes top ten, the future looks bright for this rising star.

(Sarah Bould)

Jake Bugg

Slumville Sunrise (Mercury Records)


SLUMVILLE Sunrise is the latest single from Jake Bugg’s second album Shangri La.

The song follows a familiar and successful formula of upbeat acoustic rock with an edge of blues.

The song also shows off Bugg’s rockabilly guitar skills which perhaps haven’t had the exposure some might have hoped on previous songs.

At just 19-year-old Bugg is perhaps the most exciting thing to emerge in the indie music scene in 20 years. So if you’re a fan of the scene then definitely give this one a listen.

(Mark McKay)

Stand Up

In the Valley Below(Stranger Records)


ONCE you get over the fact this sounds like the musical backdrop to an inspirational film in the nineties, it’s not too bad.

I don’t mind the fact it is a little out of time, and the riff in the middle is quite tuneful.

It’s quite interesting on first listen, and mostly has a good beat, but seems a little disjointed.

The chorus seems to enter the song randomly, and is a little at odds with the rest of the song.

Still, it’s not a bad motivational song for the New Year, with its message to stand up and fight.

(Laura Hammond)

Josh Taerk

Casie (Misty Creek Records)


Josh’s melodic pop-rock has a retro edge channeling his inspirations from classic songwriters such as Bruce Springsteen.

Casie is a first love that could never be

The 22-year-old from Toronto gives a soft rock a new meaning with subtle emphasis on melody evoking his heartfelt lyrics.

The epic chorus lifts the song just high enough to avoid what could otherwise have been a bland, much-forgotten tale.

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