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Album reviews

Written byROB SMYTH

Lope and Antilope

Get The Blessing


THIS is some kind of acoustic only jazz album. I have to be honest I didn’t make it past track three. I don’t particularly like music without vocals unless I’m at a health spa and it is used as relaxing aid. As something to listen to while in the car it’s definitely a big ‘no no.’ There really isn’t much else to say. I didn’t like it and won’t be listening again. Some people do like it though, the Sunday Times described it as ‘fiercely intelligent music.’ Whatever floats your boat.

(Sarah Bould)

Crystal Stilts

Nature Noir


It’s hard to sum this album up. The riffs, which carry a very traditional rock and roll style, are catchy however unfortunately the vocal effects don’t match. If I’m being honest, it sounds like someone singing in a rather lazy fashion in the back room of a working man’s club with a microphone that isn’t working properly and echoes too much. Nonetheless, ‘Future Folklore’ and ‘Electrons Rising’ have potential and while this is just a promotional EP, I’d like to think someone somewhere has given the band advice on how to address the vocal aspect, because if they do, then there’s every chance of producing a solid album with a different sound.

(Matthew Cobb)


Reason to Deny


Overall, this is an upbeat, well constructed album. No doubt, with more time you could learn the lyrics to most tracks and find yourself singing along while tapping your foot to the rhythmic pace of the drums. The track that lends its name to the album, ‘Reason To Deny’ has an air of Manic Street Preachers about it, which for me is always a good sign. In addition, Itamar Starets’ powerful vocals blend well with the melodic tunes to give an uplifting vibe. To sum it up, it’s an ideal album to keep in your car as it definitely has the potential to brighten up the most tedious of journeys.

(Matthew Cobb)

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