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Written byROB SMYTH

Ministry of Sound

Ministry of Sound 2000-2009


DANCE music is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. It reminds me of my student days when getting back at 3am would be considered an early night and choosing which club to visit could prove quite a dilemma.

DJs like Eric Prydz, Fedde Le Grand and Laidback Luke were right up my street even if they were a bit ‘mainstream’.

But mainstream was what I liked and it’s why I like the new compilation from Ministry of Sound called Decade 2000-2009.

It’s full of the popular dance tracks from my youth and listening to it makes me feel young again.

Great stuff.

(Mark McKay)


The Marshall Mathers LP 2


GUESS whose back? Shady’s back. These are the words from a very good song by Detroit rapper Eminem.

And they could not be more appropriate to his bran new album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

After years of ups and downs due to all manner of problems, this latest record really sounds like the self proclaimed ‘rap god’ really has got his mojo back.

Standout songs include Monster featuring a duet with Rihanna, which I had already voted as my song of the year, and the simply stunning Legacy - a song that reminds me of his hit Stan with Dido. It has to be heard to be believed.

Rap is an acquired taste but I have long complained about the dearth of superstars in the genre in recent years and this is why it is so good to see Slim Shady back on the top of his game.

(Rob Smyth)

John newman



NOBODY will have been able to escape the rise and rise of this man during 2013.

His smash hit single Love Me Again peaked at number one in the UK Charts and was followed up by another classic with Cheating.

The album is of a similar ilk but this should not be held against Newman in any way, shape or form.

The singer is impressive and harks backs to an era of Northern Soul that many still remember fondly.

My only major complaint was that there was not more music on his album as I simply could not get enough.

He is one to watch for the future and is a star in the making.

(Rob Smyth)

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