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WWE DVD reviews

Written byROB SMYTH

AS we get set to head into Wrestlemania season, I take a closer look at the latest WWE wrestling DVD and Blu-Ray releases and decided whether they are main event or a knockout.

wwe battleground 2013

Cert 15 - priced £17.99 on DVD and £19.99

THIS release features the inaugural WWE Battleground pay per view and one of the best matches of last year.

The Rhodes Family versus The Shield was an epic bout which had near falls,a great crowd reaction and an amazing finish.

The rest of the event does not really set the world on fire.

A so so match between Alberto Del Rio and Rob Van Dam set the stall for what was an average pay per view.

Other matches with Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton cannot help life this event and the only reason to buy would be for the tag team title match.

The disk features a host of extras including additional matches and interviews.


Cert 15 - priced £29.99 on DVD and £34.99

NOW this is a set that I would recommended for all wrestling fans.

This is collection of the best matches that WWE brought to the masses during the entire 12 months.

The first disc features CM Punk versus The Rock at the Royal Rumble for the WWE championship. A great little match that saw Punk’s reign end and The Rock become champ once again.

Another great match was Undertaker versus CM Punk at Wrestlemania.

It did not end The Streak but it was one hell of a match.

On disc two, the standout match is a steal cage match between Brock Lesnar and HHH at Extreme Rules.

The third disk has some really crackers.

John Cena versus Daniel Bryan at Summerslam and the aforementioned The Shield versus Cody Rhodes and Goldust.

There are some really strong matches on this three disk set and for those who only buy one DVD a year related to wrestling, this might be the one for you.


Cert 15 - priced £17.99 on DVD and £19.99

THE second annual Hell In A Cell themed pay per view did not disappoint.

CM Punk finally betters Ryback and Paul Heyman to end their long running feud in a match that did what it needed to do but did not set the world on fire.

John Cena returned from a short absence to win the World Championship from Alberto Del Rio in a match that nobody cared for and nobody wanted to see.

The big match of the night was the main event which featured Daniel Bryan versus Randy Orton for the title with Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee.

It was a great match and makes this a DVD that is worth owning for that alone.

Extras include a variety of matches and interviews.

wwe live in the uk: november 2013

Cert TBC - priced £17.99 on DVD

THIS release is now a regularly one and provides a momento of the tme when WWE superstars leaves the United States and head to the UK.

The last trip was in November and came on the back of the Hell In A Cell pay per view.

Matches included a two on one handicap match pitting Goldust and Cody Rhodes versus Randy Orton.

However, the highlight for many was CM Punk and Daniel Bryan take on The Shield in some excellent matches.

It also has a nice little extra which is a match between HHH and The Undertaker from 2002 at WWE’s then UK event Insurrextion.

This is a great little reminder for anyone who went to any of the live events.


Cert 12 - priced £17.99 on DVD and £19.99

SURVIVOR SERIES was traditionally one of the WWE’s biggest events if the year.

However, in recent times, the event has been left almost to rot and the public’s interest has mirrored that.

But, the 2013 incarnation does have some good matches to keep people interested.

The traditional five on five Survivor Series tag team match featured Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes, Goldust and The Usos take on The Shield and The Real Americans.

This is a great match and harks back to a time when the pay per view was at the top of its game.

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan versus Luke Harper and Erick Rowan also works well and is a treat for viewers.

Overall, the pay per view is not great but there are some gems on the DVD that will keep people interested.

wwe superstar collection: sheamus and daniel bryan

THESE two titles take a close look at the careers of Sheamus and Daniel Bryan.

However, they are more aimed at the younger fans than older as it is more a collection of matches instead of an in-depth look .

If you want to buy a young wrestling fan a DVD, this is a great starter point.

But, if you want a better look at both Sheamus and Bryan wait until the more detailed box sets arrive in the next few years.

These two are available exclusively on Amazon or heading to wwedvd.co.uk

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