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Love Spreads

After 10 years together Nicole Lane and Jason Giles tied the knot with a fun and laughter filled wedding.

Jason and I met through a friend. My best friend has a twin brother who is best friends with Jason. We’d both seen each other around and fancied each other but he’d been working in Wales.

When he came back in 2001, we went on a date which was really awkward because we were both so nervous. But as the date went on we got on really well and I saw him pretty much every day after that!

Nine years later, he proposed on my 30th birthday. He took me to a really nice restaurant and got down on one knee. He knows how fussy I am so as he’s a joiner, he made me an oak ring to propose with and let me choose my own ring afterwards!

We got married one year after that in the June of 2011 and I really enjoyed the planning leading up to it.

Nichole Land and Jason Giles wedding

We got married in Goldstone Hall in Market Drayton and Jason actually made the oak structure that we got married under which was really nice.

He went to show it to me prior to the wedding and I immediately fell in love, he really sold it to me! Nobody else we knew had held their wedding there either so we decided to go for it.

I bought my dress and headpiece, as well as my bridesmaids’ and mother’s outfits from Renaissance in Newport. We’d been to a lot of places but they were fantastic in there.

I tried loads of dresses on but when I put on the one that I ended up getting everyone started welling up. It was a Benjamin Roberts dress, I fell in love with it!

I found the idea of sticking to a particular colour scheme a bit daunting so I went for an English countryside theme with lots of pastel colours which felt a bit less restrictive and I used this for the bridesmaids’ dresses.

A friend called Sharon Venables from Cheswardine did all the flowers, she was amazing. She used to work for David Austin, but she works for herself now. That was really easy to sort out, we only had two meetings and she just knew exactly what to do.

My mum and I made homemade jam in mini jam jars for the favours and I decorated them with my bridesmaids using various pastel coloured fabric lids and vintage style stickers saying ‘spread the love’.

I also roped in the bridesmaids to help me make two baskets of confetti cones using sheet music which was really effective. I hired loads of gorgeous bunting from The Big Beautiful Bunting Company to decorate the marquee, again in different floral pastel colours. This really tied together the theme and made the marquee look stunning.

Jason’s mum Margaret also did so much to help us throughout everything.

The night before the wedding I kicked Jason out of the house along with our two little boys so that I could have the girls round.

Our boys are four and two years old, they looked adorable in their suits, even if it was a struggle to get the two-year-old into his!

The nerves and the excitement really started to kick in, and I didn’t sleep.

The next day we had John from Francesco over to do our hair and my friend owns Decadence in Newport so she did our make up. We were all having a giggle, but I had a really fitted dress so we stayed off the drink!

I had a strict rule —  no-one was allowed to say anything nice to me — I knew I’d well up and ruin my make up!

So we all had a joke and threw insults at each other whilst getting ready, it was really funny. All it took was one friend to look at me and say ‘aww’ though, and I nearly started crying!

My friend picked me up in an old MG as a surprise for me. I’d been having such a good time at home with the girls, and when I got there, I started to get really nervous.

The atmosphere totally changed and went really quiet.

I went to meet the registrar, who was really sweet, but I looked outside and the heavens just opened, it was absolutely throwing it down!

She was explaining all of the legal procedures to me, but all I could think about was having to walk outside in that rain!

We hadn’t thought of taking umbrellas, but luckily, the venue had big cream ones on hand and actually, the rain and the umbrellas made for some really magical photos.

We met the photographer, Gary Williams, at the venue. He was fantastic, we recently had the photos through and they’re really good, they brought it all back for us!

We had 85 guests for the ceremony in the oak pavilion and we had another 100 guests for the evening.

The wedding breakfast was held in their marquee, it was great because we had exclusivity of the whole place.

We had a civil ceremony with two readings and as soon as it was over, it stopped raining it was as though someone just switched the tap off for us!

After a sit down meal we had the speeches. The food was fantastic, the venue catered for whatever your heart desires, they had pages of options, and then there were a few choices for guests to choose from. We had the staff going round to take orders whilst we had some of the photographs done.

The cake was a gift as Jason’s auntie’s friend is a cake decorator. I had seen a picture of a cake in a magazine which was a pastel turquoise with flowers separating the tiers so I cut the picture out and gave it to Sharon.

For the evening we had a buffet and one room with a band playing, and another with a digital jukebox. We also had a bucking bronco.

The band was called A Pop of Ages and we found them through Scott Jordan Entertainment. They did a bit of everything and got everybody dancing. They were worth every penny, they were absolutely amazing. Everybody commented on how good they were, even the staff, who see a lot of weddings.

We got the jukebox from Funky Diva Jukebox, it was awesome. It was good to have the contrast between the two rooms and this room had a lot of the younger guests putting club music on, we called it the hardcore dance room! So you could be dancing to the band playing soul one minute, and dancing to The Prodigy the next!

We had our first dance to Van Morrison’s Into The Night, which is our song. We were both dreading doing it in front of everyone as neither of us can dance. It was actually the photographer who talked us into doing it and I’m glad we did.

Towards the end of the night, when everyone started drifting away, my feet were absolutely killing me so I went up to my room and spotted my flip flops.

I put them on thinking it would be a great idea, but of course I was two inches shorter so the lace of my dress was dragging under my feet. The floor was polished too so as I was dancing with the best man, I slipped and dislocated my kneecap! My bridesmaid who is a physiotherapist came over and just shook her head at us and Jason picked me up to take me to the sofa. Everyone started cheering thinking he was doing the tradition of carrying me back!

In the morning, I had to go to A&E meaning we missed our honeymoon, but somehow our usher managed to reschedule it for us. It was a 5 star hotel in Antigua, and a once in a lifetime experience so we’re really grateful to him for that!

It was just a magical day, all of your friends and family everyone you love is in one room, it’s absolutely amazing. I took a moment to look around and everyone was having a great time and a real good giggle which was lovely. And it was great to get all the gossip that we’d missed afterwards!

Top Tip

Get a bridesmaid to keep an eye on the time for you. It goes very quickly so you want to make sure you’re not spending too much time on one thing and missing out on anything and make sure you get the chance to talk to everyone.

Photography taken by Gary Williams.

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