09:00 Wednesday 11 December 2013

Town team to energise centre with £10k funds


Unveiling of large diamond in Uttoxeter Marketplace....Mastermind behind the idea Dr Graeme Jones Unveiling of large diamond in Uttoxeter Marketplace....Mastermind behind the idea Dr Graeme Jones

A GROUP of Uttoxeter activists are aiming to re-energise the town centre with a £10,000 funding pot - but they need as many residents as possible to make their suggestions.

Newly appointed chairman of the Town Team committee Graeme Jones has called for town residents to provide as much feedback as they possibly can as the group are set to formulate their action plan of town improvements.

The team want to create a vision of a ‘twenty-first century market town’ to make the most of the thousands of visitors who come through Uttoxeter annually.

Dr Jones who is also a Uttoxeter Lions member said: “Uttoxeter has a rich market town history and it is our job to have the vision to create a market town for the 21st century.

“As the economy comes out of recession and we have new shops being built in the town, we have a huge opportunity to make the town a vibrant place for locals and visitors to meet, shop and relax. “The Town Team wants to work with all traders, landlords and councils and most importantly the people of Uttoxeter to create a better town.

“If you want to contribute to this discussion please email me on townteam@uttoxeterlions.co.uk.

“On behalf of the team - thanks in advance for your support.”

Dr Jones was keen to emphasise the importance of arranging fresh events and attractions to make the town centre a more attractive place to visit for the day.

He added: “We have to be ready to embrace the future, come up with new ideas for the town and organise interesting events for the town centre together.

“I want to tell residents that the future of the town is what we make it and they have the opportunity to influence that.

“It’s not just about town centre retail, but also about restaurant provision, attractions and events.

“We need to put the belief back in our town and organise things which make people want to visit our town centre.

“I would urge people to look to the future of the town.

“We have so many resources with so much potential.

“Every town has been struggling and you can’t blame it all on the cattle market closing.

“People need to look to the future.”

Andy O’Brien, chief executive of East Staffordshire Borough Council, said: “The Town Team partner scheme is an excellent way for towns such as Uttoxeter to apply for funding and support.

“The scheme will not only give Uttoxeter Town the opportunity to improve the local area but will also provide access to expert knowledge and practices.

“The borough council is committed to the regeneration of Uttoxeter through projects such as a new leisure centre and Carters Square development and this scheme provides another way in which Uttoxeter and the surrounding areas can be regenerated.”

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