11:49 Friday 20 December 2013

'Stu was evacuated in the nick of time'


THE family of an SAS hero who was seriously injured in a motorbike accident in Thailand have said if they hadn’t brought him home when they did, he would have died within a week.

Dave Kyffin and Mary Doherty, brother and sister of Stu Kyffin thanked everyone who contributed to raise the ‘phenomenal’ £158,000 worth of funds which saved his life, and brought him home to the UK in time for Christmas.

Dave Kyffin, who also served in the SAS said: “It’s fantastic to have him home for Christmas.

“Obviously from the start our goal was to get him home to the UK with the best possible medical care so we achieved what we set out to do.

“Even though it’s a long way to go for Stu’s recovery, we are happy about what we’ve managed to achieve so far.

“Every time I’ve been to see him it’s been a slight improvement so far.

“During the two and a half weeks he was out in Thailand, there was no sign of improvement.

“Now he is moving his limbs, squeezing the hands of visitors and opening his eyes.

“The doctors actually told me if we hadn’t medically evacuated him within a week, he would have died.

“This is why we acted fast to try and gain the support of investors which led to us receiving the fantastic anonymous donation of £50,000.

“We’ve raised probably £158,000 overall, have spent £120,000 in fees and repatriation and will be using the rest of the money for his ongoing care.

“It’s a remarkable amount of money to have raised in such a short time and at the start it seemed an impossible target.”

Fund-raising ventures which contributed towards the final total included a sponsored run from Uttoxeter to Cheadle undertaken by family friend Dan Proctor 23, of Milverton Drive, Uttoxeter.

Colleagues of Stu’s sister Mary Doherty at Healthcare at Home donated £240 and a Christmas choir service raised £228.

The family will officially stop fund-raising on December 26, but Dave Kyffin has urged everyone who supported the cause to ‘like’ the Support Our Stu Facebook page to follow the updates on Stu’s progress which will be posted regularly.

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