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Scheme to help nature around the River Dove

Written byROB SMYTH

28/10/13 Flooding in Uttoxeter - Uttoxeter, UttoxeterUttox Flood Pics,River Dove Rocester 28/10/13 Flooding in Uttoxeter - Uttoxeter, UttoxeterUttox Flood Pics,River Dove Rocester

A CONSULTATION has been launched on work that could help fish manoeuvre through the River Dove.

The River Dove runs through Uttoxeter and many of its surrounding villages.

The Environment Agency has revealed that is considering work at Dove Cliff Weir, near Burton, in a bid to improve fish passage and to restore ‘natural processes’ along the river.

The body is now urging anyone who would like to comment on the plans or to ask questions to get in touch before the end of the month.

A spokesman for the Environment Agency said: “We are looking at undertaking Dove Cliff Weir in order to boost the site for fish passage and restore natural processes along the River Dove.

“These works are likely to go ahead during 2014 and may result in the alteration or removal of the weir and adjacent structures as part of the enhancement works to meet water framework directive objectives for the River Dove.

“We would like to hear from people with any legal interest in the weir, the River Dove and the surrounding area that may be affected by the works that have not already been contacted regarding this project.

“Any person with potential interest wishing to make enquiries about the proposals can do so by January 24.”

Anyone who would like to submit an enquiry is urged to write to Fisher German Chartered Accountants, 80 Tamworth Road, Ashby, LE65 2BY.

This scheme was first mooted as part of a multi-million pound project to keep residents of Burton and South Derbyshire dry that was completed last year.

It was first earmarked as part of the Environment Agency’s Lower Dove flood scheme in South Derbyshire, which has reduced the risk of flooding to 1,600 homes and major commercial properties in the area.

Construction on the £8.7million scheme began in September 2012, and consisted of around 5km of new and improved flood defences on the border of Staffordshire and Derbyshire.

The work has involved improving existing defences along the Foston Brook, in Scropton, and raising and extending embankments for the River Dove in Scropton in a bid to ward off future flooding.

Floods in Scropton have often forced the closure of the village’s through-road, which acts as a convenient short-cut linking south and west Derbyshire.

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