08:57 Friday 28 February 2014

Northern lights sightings in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire


UTTOXETER skywatchers have sent in their photos of the northern lights, captured in a rare moment in the Uttoxeter countryside last night.

Richard Holmes and Jenny de Smet sent in their snaps of the natural phenomenon caused by the caused by particle collisions in the Earth's atmosphere.

The aurora are normally only seen as far south as northern Scotland.

Mr Holmes said: "Last night the Northern Lights displayed in the majority of the UK giving a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many in the Midlands to see them from the region.

"I took the shot at roughly 9.45pm, with a good view over Uttoxeter and Doveridge from Toothill, Uttoxeter.

"I was very fortunate to see such a wonderful sight, which is also highly unusual over Uttoxeter."

Ms de Smet said: "I took these photos from Uttoxeter in Staffordshire between 9pm and 10pm from a field near my home in Uttoxeter.

"It's unusual to see them this far down in the country.

"The conditions were right and the skies were clear."

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