12:27 Friday 31 January 2014

Max saved after surgery to remove rubber glove


PEOPLE often describe overly-chewy food as being ‘too rubbery’.

But a dog from a village near Uttoxeter had no hesitiation in wolfing down a dirty old rubber glove he found on a wall during a walk.

And spaniel Max had to have his life saved by vets who surgically removed the offending items last week.

Owner Lucy Mellor told the Post and Times she would be attaching a muzzle to ensure Max does not eat anything he should not while walking in the future.

She said: “Last Wednesday we went for a walk in the village and Max picked up a rubber glove from a wall.

“He’s always prone to eating things he shouldn’t.

“I didn’t think anything of it until he started being sick on the Thursday, at which point I became really worried about him.

“I took him to Abbeyfields vets, in Rocester, on the Thursday night and they x-rayed him and found the glove in his stomach.

“He went into surgery on the Friday morning and, when he came out, he was feeling very sorry for himself.

“But, by the Saturday morning, he was back to his old bouncy self again.

“I just want to send out a warning to dog owners to watch what their dog is playing with while out walking.

“For a while there we were really worried the worst could happen.”

Abbeyfields’ Catrina Durose said: “Dogs are scavengers by nature and can eat many things without them causing an issues but that one time they can be unlucky and result in an obstruction of the gut and require surgical removal.

“We have had to remove all sorts of things before, including a pair of knickers, a bottle teat, a golf ball, six pairs of latex gloves, a door mat, a pillow, toys and stones.

“And its not just dogs. Cats are notorious for eating linear foreign bodies and we have removed items such as needle & thread and tinsel.”

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