08:31 Thursday 26 December 2013

Laundry parking plagues residents


AN ANGRY couple have spoken out about parking problems which have plagued them for years as a result of employees of a laundrette using their road to park.

Andy and Nicola Edwards, of Grange Road are ‘fed up’ and frustrated at the ‘continuous’ parking problems in their street.

Andy Edwards, of Grange Road said: “I am angered and fed up.

“I have lived in the town now five years and I am still struggling to park outside my own house, as there are far too many vehicles that are parking on our road that do not live here but work at Johnson’s laundry factory on Holly Road.

“This has been going on for 18 months now and although I have asked the company to look at additional parking for their employees on their property they refuse to do anything about it and park on our road because it’s easier for them and because there is no restriction which seriously needs looking into.

“This is simply not good enough and I intend to take action.

“Sometimes double parking is so bad on Grange Road that the mobility bus for one disabled resident struggles to park to allow access for that person to get on and off in a wheelchair properly.

“In fact I once saw it parked in the middle of the road as there was no spaces on their side of the road to even park outside their house.

“The grassed area outside all the bungalows is a complete waste of time and impractical due to the sheer width of it.

“My idea was to ask the council with the help of Councillor Blencowe to remove all the grassed area and have tarmac laid with lines and door numbers put down enabling the residents to park closer and also safely next to their own property.

“This would benefit the majority of residents in the bungalows as they are mainly elderly or disabled.

“In the winter months the grass is awful it is so muddy and slippery plus we have to all walk to the dropped kerb pavement to get to our properties.

“With the grassed area removed this would make the road wider and safer for all to use and would eliminate the parking problems or at least allow parking to be better controlled.

“I am at my wit’s end with this and I want the council to start spending our taxes on something that needs attention sooner rather than later and could cause a serious accident.”

Councillor Martin Blencowe said: “Nicola and Andy are aware it’s a road issue and therefore a county council issue.

“I have been trying to progress matters with the council but so far I haven’t heard anything back.”

Councillor Simon Tagg, Staffordshire County Council cabinet member for transport and the connected county said: “Where residents have concerns over parked vehicles causing an obstruction or danger then they need to contact their local councillor, who will then be able to raise it on their behalf for consideration by the Joint Parking Committee where it will be prioritised along with all other requests received.

“Residents may also wish to consider their own off street parking provision wherever possible.”

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