Published: 18/02/2013 10:35

Inspiring and engaging its pupils at Smallwood


A MARCHINGTON school has been inspiring and engaging its pupils.

Smallwood Manor Preparatory School has developed new teaching methods designed to inspire and engage pupils and encourage learning.

The programme has been created in response to findings about how children learn and is designed to encourage accelerated learning and long-term retention of information.

The school said its new lesson structure is defined by a commitment to sparking immediate and sustained engagement in every pupil.

This is in order to fuel further rapid development.

Lessons begin with a ‘grab and go’ starter to capture pupils’ interest and imagination.

This is then followed by a teaching phase, incorporating interactive technology where appropriate.

A learning phase encourages children to ‘learn by doing’, before concluding with a review summarising and assessing pupils’ understanding.

Head teacher Mike Harrison said the new programme was created after staff looked into how children learn and how connections are made.

He said: “As teaching staff we have looked at how children learn, specifically how connections are made within a child’s brain and have developed a lesson structure that uses this information to encourage quick pupil progression.

“We are now working on identifying learner traits we wish to develop in our children, including curiosity, resilience and co-operation, so we can plan lessons which encourage these characteristics.”

The school added encouraging educational excellence is a philosophy that runs throughout the school which is already known for its academic success.

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