12:20 Wednesday 25 December 2013

Festive spirit still alive after lost cash returned


18/12/13 Wallet donor - Uttoxeter, UttoxeterMan had his wallet returned to him in uttoxeter 18/12/13 Wallet donor - Uttoxeter, UttoxeterMan had his wallet returned to him in uttoxeter

A UTTOXETER man’s heart has been warmed this festive season after a stranger returned a wallet containing £100.

Douglas Bowyer drove into town with his disabled wife, Winifred, to do some shopping last week.

When trying to pay for groceries, Mr Bowyer noticed his wallet was missing from his pocket.

He returned home to find a stranger waiting outside his house

The man had, who looked ‘in his 40s’, had found the wallet in the gutter and posted it through the Bowyer’s letterbox.

Now the 86-year-old wants to meet the stranger so he can thank him again in person and give him a financial reward.

Mr Bowyer said: “I have to help my wife in the car and lift her legs into the vehicle.

“I think the wallet must have flown out of my pocket as I swung my body round to help Winifred into the car.

“I went into town and paid for some meat from Edmonston’s butchers with a loose £10 I had in my pocket.

“Then, when I visited the green grocers a few doors down, I noticed it wasn’t there.

“As you can imagine, that was a bit of a shock, particularly just before Christmas, so I went home to see if I could find it.

“The man was waiting there next to a dark blue car, which I think was a BMW, and asked if we lived there before telling us he’d picked up the wallet from out of the gutter.

“It contained about £100 is cash and all my cards and personal information, so I was incredibly grateful to him.

“I didn’t get chance to properly thank him before he rushed off and I’d very much like to reward his honesty with some cash.”

Mr Bowyer said that, particularly at Christmas time, it was good to know there was ‘someone out there who was genuinely honest’.

He is inviting the man to call him on 01889 562705 to arrange a meeting.

He said: “I really want him to call me and arrange to meet up so I can give him some of the money in the wallet. He deserves it.

“I don’t even know if the man lives in town or not.”

Mr and Mrs Bowyer have lived in Uttoxeter since 1945, during which time Mr Bowyer has fulfilled several roles with Bamfords, now referred to as JCB.

He retired aged 64 to look after his wife, who has mobility problems and suffers from dementia.

He said: “In all my years in town this is possibly the event that’s confirmed my faith in people’s good nature.

“The man could easily have walked off with the wallet, particularly given the amount of money in there.

“I’d like nothing more than to see him again to pass on my thanks properly.

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