13:57 Friday 27 December 2013

Award-winning choir perform at high school


AN AWARD-WINNING choir from a Marchington school ‘hit all the right notes’ with a performance at a high school carol concert.

The choir from Smallwood Manor performed at the annual Denstone College Carols By Candlelight concert alongside high school pupils.

Guests to the festive carol service were greeted by the orchestra, who played traditional Christmas carols.

The Chapel Choir and the Girls’ Chamber Choir of Denstone College performed a wide range of traditional and modern arrangements, including Cornish folk music and French carols.

Head teacher of Denstone College David Derbyshire said: “The service was heart-warming.

“This Carols by Candlelight was one of the best I have heard and we are proud to have such talented musicians.”

Musical links between Smallwood and Denstone are strong, and four pupils in the Smallwood choir will be sitting exams this year for a music scholarship at the secondary school.

The head teacher of Smallwood Manor Mike Harrison said: “We always enjoy the opportunity to bring the choir to Denstone, especially for the opportunity to catch up with former members of our choir at their senior school and celebrate the joy of Christmas together.”

The next challenge awaiting the Smallwood Manor choir in 2014 will be to compete at the Derby Arts Festival.

£1,000 was raised in a collection at the end of the service for a number of charities.

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