Published: 25/02/2013 17:00

Anti-freeze warning as reports of cat poisoning


UTTOXETER residents are being informed of reports of cats being poisoned with anti-freeze type products in the town.

Staffordshire Police sent out the warning although said there is no evidence to suggest the cats are deliberately being poisoned.

The force added there is often an increase in poisoning by anti-freeze at this time of year.

Officers are urging all motorists to be careful in their use, handling and storage of these products.

Also cat owners are being asked to be vigilant for any signs of poisoning and to seek veterinary advice immediately if they suspect their cat has been poisoned.

Anti-freeze contains the poison ethylene glycol which is particularly dangerous for cats as only a tiny amount can be fatal through causing kidney failure.

Even if treatment from the vets is sought, many affected cats will die so prevention is extremely important.

Anyone who has had a similar experience is asked to report it to Staffordshire Police on 101 so the force has all the information it needs to look into the matter.

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