09:27 Tuesday 13 August 2013

Banishing flies and August jobs

Written byBen Smith

Well who would have thought it, August already - this year's flying by! It won't be long before I'm talking to you about Christmas (there I said it, don't shout at me).

Flying and biting insects are rife at the moment, we've been keeping our doors wide open letting in the breeze. Problem is, it's not just the breeze - we're letting in flies and no end of other flying, biting nuisances!

Fear not, here at Garden King we're stocked up with repellents and curtains to keep the insects at bay. We love a product from STV/The Buzz, it's a modern insect curtain consisting of a mesh curtain that lets the breeze through but keeps the insects out. Normal retail price is £20, but at Garden King you'll pay only £10. Available in store and online.

Hopefully the worst of the wet weather is behind us now but unfortunately summer is drawing to an end and we need to start preparing the garden  for Autumn so look out for spring flowering bulbs due any time now!

Continue to water and feed your lawn, mowing once or twice a week, in drought conditions leave a little longer to help retain moisture. Continue to dead head your roses and feed with a specialist rose fertilizer to get the best out of them.

Continue to ventilate your greenhouse day and night in the hot weather and damp down regularly. Don't forget your tomato plants, keep them well fed with a good quality tomato plant food. We recommend Westland Tomato Plant Food, it's a 1L concentrate that's easy to mix and can help produce great results.

We have had some particularly strong sun just recently, if you've not already shaded your greenhouse - it's not too late to apply a coat of Coolglass. One box is sufficient to cover a 6x8 ft greenhouse. It's easy to apply with a brush, roller or sprayer and wipes off easily with a dry cloth. The ready measured sachets just need mixing with water and your ready to go.

You'll want to keep your plants productive for as long as possible, keep on picking produce and any surplus produce could be preserved. Why not make your own chutneys, relish & pickles? Or if that's a bit on the adventurous side - hand out the excess produce to family and friends.

Keep your garden full of colour into the Autumn, your bedding is looking at it's best right now - but the colour will begin to taper off. Why not add some late season performers to pack a punch and extend the season of colour. We recommend perennials like Echinacea, Rudbeckia & Gaillardia. Dahlias, Begonias & Fuchsias will continue to flower until the first hard frosts.

If YOU have any suggestions, questions or comments - feel free to drop us a line (we'd love to hear from you!). You can email plantdoctor@gardenking.co.uk, call us on 01283 550 516, add us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Happy gardening x
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