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Autumn Lawn Care and Planting Hyacinths and Paper Whites

Welcome to Garden King's Plant Doctor blog, where our experts discuss and answer all your gardening questions. This week I'm talking about Autumn Lawn Care, planting prepared hyacinths and paper whites.

Autumn Lawn Care

It's extremely important to treat your lawn ahead of winter and right now is the best time to complete your annual autumn treatment. Treating your lawn to a feed now will improve the quality and health of the lawn right through into the following Spring and beyond.

Before you apply a feed, we recommend you clear your lawn of any fallen leaves (you should be doing this around once a week, to ensure your lawn isn't fighting to survive under rotting leaves). You can collect by hand, use a rake, bessom broom or mechanical collector - do a good job and you'll reap the benefits.

It's also worth giving your lawn a bit of aeration, this will improve drainage and in turn strengthen the grass. Drive your garden fork into the top few inches of soil at several spots around your lawn, this will allow rainwater and air to penetrate deeper into the lawn whilst relieving any compaction.

Next you need to apply the feed, we recommend Westland Autumn Lawn Feed & Moss Killer. This simple to use easy application product not only gives your lawn a much needed feed - it also tackles your lawn moss problems without scorching your lawn like summer treatments can. Within 1-2 weeks your moss patches will turn black and can be removed using a rake.

Westland Autumn Lawn Feed & Moss Killer is a specially formulated combination of lawn fertiliser and ferrous sulphate. Available at Garden King now for only £10. It revitalises your lawn by adding essential nutrients. After you've treated your lawn as per the instructions on the pack, you can then move on to any repairs that might be needed.

The unpredictable summer may have left bare patches on your lawn. This can be tackled using Aftercut Patch Fix which is a unique patching mix containing grass seed, feed and seeding soil for better results. Coated seeds gives improved germination and quicker seed establishment and special seed varieties are selected to give tolerance to pet urine damages.  It also containes a pet urine neutraliser and is perfect for areas of high usage, shady conditions and play areas.

Finally my last point on lawns this week, it's a great time to sow a new lawn from seed. The soil is still warm from the summer and the autumn rain will provide vital moisture as the new lawn develops. Ensure to prepare the soil thoroughly and to keep the developing lawn properly watered.

Plant prepared Hyacinths and Paper Whites NOW!


Well if you've been into see us at Garden King in the last few days you'll see that Christmas is starting to make an appearance as we move stock around to make way for our spectacular festive theming. It's now around 16 weeks until Christmas, so those of you wanting hyacinths in flower for the festive season you need to plant prepared bulbs now.

Prepared bulbs are specially heat-treated to encourage them to flower in December (much earlier than usual). Place your bulbs with the flattened end facing downwards then back fill with either standard bulb compost or something free-draining like John Innes seed compost. It can be beneficial to add a little grit, perlite or vermiculite which will ensure good drainage, reducing the threat of fungal rots. Pot up your prepared hyacinth and paper white bulbs and allow them to grow in a cool and dark place. Give them around 10 weeks in this spot and then they'll want around three weeks indoors before they'll flower.

Please TAKE CARE when handling hyacinth bulbs (you might wish to wear gloves) they can cause a skin reaction so apply caution.

If YOU have any suggestions, questions or comments - feel free to drop us a line (we'd love to hear from you!) You can email plantdoctor@gardenking.co.uk, call us on 01283 550516 or add us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Happy gardening x

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