07:04 Friday 23 November 2012

Colour Coding

Are you seeing red? Feeling blue? In a black mood? Maybe green with envy or preferably, tickled pink?

Finding words to describe the way we feel evokes a veritable rainbow. So perhaps it won't come as a surprise to learn that the colours we choose to decorate our homes with may affect our mood.

Red is a colour that intensifies feelings. It makes a bold statement, can be very passionate and, incidentally, is the colour most chosen by extroverts! It can also can make people feel more hungry so consider using it in the dining room - or the master bedroom!

Tranquil blue has a cooling effect because it reminds us of water and sky; just the thing to settle a lively toddler in his room at bedtime.

Are you a morning person? If not, then maybe you should consider a cheerful buttery yellow for your bedroom or the kitchen.

Royal purple is rarely found in nature but it can be calming and enhance creativity. Consider employing the regal hue in an elegant sitting room or a creative room, such as an art studio.

Green - nature's colour of choice. Fresh, calming and relaxing particularly in living rooms and bathrooms, and worth a thought for someone who is inclined to feel a little depressed.

Orange is a bold and exciting color. It demands attention but it can be warm and welcoming when mixed with a little brown. Consider using coppery brown accessories in a living room.

Whatever colour you select, don't be afraid to take chances. Most people don't really want to spend their time living in a plain white, grey, or beige home but the key to being more daring is to concentrate on the accents.

Employ the vibrancy of dramatic touches in moderation: the more intense the colour, the less of it is needed for it to be effective. It's easy enough to change a feature wall or a set of cushions if you tire of the colour, just make sure your basics are classic.

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