09:01 Monday 17 December 2012

Tried and Tested Lip Colour

Written byLeah Cassady

It's the party season, but who needs an excuse to wear some gorgeous lip colour. Here I've tried and tested a variety of brands as well as different types, from traditional lip sticks to lip stains and lip gloss. Read on to find out what I thought to each one to help you make the most of your next purchase.

Lancôme – Rouge in Love – £21

It promises 6 hours of wear and even after eating I still had colour on my lips. It is expensive but so easy to wear and lasting, I found I wasn’t worried about it was flaking as I have with others. It felt very comfortable, not dry or sticky but also not too slick.



Clinique – Butter Shine Lipstick – £16.50

I was quite impressed with this lipstick, it gave a great glossy finish as its title implies but it also had more staying power than I expected.

Whist it's in place it's rather striking as the colour is vibrant and it has a little glitter sparkle to it as well for added shine.



Bare Minerals - Pretty Amazing Lipcolor  - £15

This gloss is thick and slightly sticky so as a result, windy weather can cause long hair to get caught up on your lips, not fun.

However this gloss is full of colour and stays in place if it remains undisturbed. But as it transfers easily take care when drinking and I'd definitely advise no eating with this lippie on.


Accessorize – Intense Colour Lipstick - £4.95

The shape of the stick makes it easy to achieve defined edge lines as well as spreading the colour in one sweep. It is thick and has a matt finish to it, it even includes a little pot of lippie on the bottom, prefect for touch ups or sharing with friends!

Available at your local Superdrug or Accessorize store.

3/5Rimmel Lip Tint pen



Rimmel - 1000 Kisses Lip Stain - £6.99

The felt tip like pen gave me really precise application and dries quickly. Once dry it felt like my lips were bare and the moisturising balm did just that adding a shine finish. I received a few compliments about the colour but after around 5 hours it had worn a little in places. However it is so easy to apply that I thought nothing of a quick touch up.


Revlon – Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain - £7.99

This chunky Crayon style pencil feels like a balm and adds a flush of colour which could almost be natural, depending on the shade of course. With it being a stain, some of the colour stays in place and the smooth finish has a glossy shine to it.

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