14:34 Thursday 01 November 2012

Movember is here!

Written byYasamin Saeidi

Over the next month you may see sprouts of hair cropping up above the upper lips of men across the country.  Eventually the sprouts of hair join together to make some truly wondrous moustaches of all shapes and sizes.

This isn’t some sort of strange facial hair cult – it’s Movember. And it’s all for a great cause – to raise awareness of men’s health issues, in particular prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Men across the UK and around the world set about growing their upper lip creations and gather sponsorship to raise funds for these causes over this month.

After registering at movember.com, all the men involved (Mo Bros) must start with a cleanly shaven face on the 1st Movember and maintain a moustache of their choice throughout the month.

The main idea of this campaign is to promote awareness of the issues surrounding men’s health, a subject which is very often ignored or tip-toed around. So if you see a gentleman sporting a moustache this Movember, support the Mo Bro! If you are getting involved and need a little bit of inspiration, we’ve come up with some moustache suggestions for you… We would love to see your photos throughout your Movember journeys, so please send them to staffordshirenewspapers@gmail.com. Good luck!

The Handlebar
One for the distinguised Mo Bro. Bushy, lengthy, and full of drama. For inspiration, see the Monopoly man.

The Mexican

Not exclusive to Mexicans, but often associated with the stereotype of their style. This moustache is full bodied and droops. The exotic choice.


The Dali

Artist Salvador Dali seemed to show as much flair on his face as he did in his paintings - a true inspiration to Movember. So if you're after a flamboyant, head-turning moustache, you know who to turn to for ideas.


The Fu Manchu

This is one of the longest moustache styles, pointing to the chin. This versatile style works with thick and thin moustaches.


These are just  a few suggestions, you can get as creative as you like with Movember... Just make sure you show us your pictures!


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