09:00 Wednesday 24 April 2013

Domestic abuse: My story part 1

This is the first in a series of posts from a survivor of domestic abuse. In them, Tracey will be telling her story of a past abusive relationship in the hope that it will raise some awareness for this issue suffered by so many around the world.

My confidence levels were low - I had recently become a single parent and in the nineties, this was still something which was frowned upon.

Despite this, I was looking forward to starting a new job in a call centre. It turned out that I was doing extremely well at the job and over the months I found myself moving up and exceeding sales targets which gave me a confidence boost. I started to socialise with people from work and it was nice getting to know them.

This is how I got whisked off my feet by this caring individual who seemed to be interested in me. We joked and laughed a lot and started spending more and more time together until eventually we decided to start seeing each other in the capacity of a relationship. He was so kind and caring and great with my son.

My only concern was that he kept me a secret from his family which I was lead to believe was because he was a Muslim and I was a white girl with a child. He was expected to have an arranged marriage and so me being on the scene would not have been seen as a good thing. But I loved this guy and so I trusted him and agreed that we wouldn’t go out in public together.

Two years into the relationship I fell pregnant with his child. He moved in and his family found out about me the day our daughter was born. As you can imagine, this was not great timing…

Nonetheless, I was just so excited about my new baby girl and felt so lucky to have a man who treated my son like his own and now I had a baby from him too.

Well, two weeks after birth, everything started to change…

Part two coming soon...

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