15:08 Wednesday 15 January 2014

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THE digital helmet camera, from Find Me A Gift, is marketed as the perfect gift for extreme sports fans.

It features a 640 x 480(VGA) resolution that films at 30 frames per second, recording straight to SD card, allowing you to download using a card reader or by connecting directly using a USB cable.

Other features include a built-in microphone with 12 foot range, a 1.3 Megapixel sensor and a white LED torch function.

With only a 1.3 Megapixel CMOS sensor, this helmet camera is never going to set the world on fire or give market leaders GoPro anything to worry about, but it is worth remembering it costs only a shade over thirty pounds, making it a great way to try out a helmet camera without breaking the bank.

Having said that, the camera is not at all bad, producing some good quality results, once secured properly using the supplied rubber strap, and if you use a 32GB card, you can record for a serious amount of time using just two AAA batteries.

The other nice thing about this camera is it’s weight; due to the simple design, I hardly noticed that it was attached to my bike helmet, as I hurtled along my usual trails, bridleways and woodland singletrack.

I do feel however, that this little camera could have one serious application for road cyclists and commuters, as more and more cyclists have taken to recording their rides just in case they come to grief at the mercy of other road users.

A quick search of YouTube brings up a plethora of helmet cam videos featuring riders being knocked off their bikes - not pleasant watching but it does bring home the vulnerability of being a cyclist on todays roads.

These videos also provide some help to cyclists where any kind of blame is in question when they have been involved in an accident –for this purpose, the camera would be perfect, as it provides good quality video, and is very inexpensive.

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