07:00 Wednesday 02 January 2013

Don't get sad, re-energise this winter

Tips to help keep that winter lethargy at bay

Spinning: not as fun as it looksIt’s dark when you leave work and the only exercise your body is up for is shifting to change channels, hugging a steaming mug of tea and reaching for another biscuit and/or blanket. Sound familiar? Yep, winter is here so hitting the pool (too cold) or the gym (not tea friendly) are at the bottom of the to-do list.

But working out can make all the difference to that Christmas dinner and all the trimmings along with the many mince pie consumed, making you look – and feel – great over winter.

Pick up a racket

Bash out your frustration over the lack of sunshine on some unforgiving walls with an angry bout of squash. Squash courts are essentially air tight sweat boxes that require you to dodge your opponent, their racket and an incredibly fast ball that can fly at you from any direction.

Brave the pool (but hit the sauna afterwards)

We’ve already established that getting your cossie on when it’s chilly outside isn’t all that tempting but to get you through those lengths, indulge in a stint in the sauna afterwards. It’ll warm you right through, relax your muscles and help your body shed toxins, meaning that cold you felt coming on could just disappear.

Spin yourself into a brighter mood

Cycling in the dark might be amazing for your fitness levels but it isn’t exactly cosy; factor in some wintry wind and rain and it’s downright dangerous. Spinning could be a better option, one that’s guaranteed to get your heart and lungs racing and the sweat dripping off you. You’ll be crying out for snow after a session of extreme spin cycling with ever increasing intervals upping the pressure on your (now burning) thigh muscles.

Load up on vitamin D

Not only does a good supply of vitamin D stop you from getting rickets but, as your skin soaks it up from the sun, it helps boost your mood as well. Nip outside on your lunch break, even if it’s just for a quick walk around the block or to get another cup of coffee, and pack in as much daylight as possible. Can’t get out? Supplements, supplements, supplements!

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