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Carolyn's marathon blog: CHRISTMAS PUDDING


29/08/13 Carolyn Bointon, Marathonist - Mayfield, Ashbourne 29/08/13 Carolyn Bointon, Marathonist - Mayfield, Ashbourne

GROAN, yawn. Really? Already? Do I absolutely have to get back in running gear now and start some serious training ahead of my marathon epic this year?

I can’t quite believe I am saying this year. It’s too scary for words to be honest.

I really did believe, foolishly you might say, naively even, but I honestly thought I would be a ‘runner’ by now.

Three times a week for almost four months and yet it’s still as difficult as it was on day one to get myself motivated to get out of the door.

I’m sure it’s the dark nights and rain.

Of course I do know that when I finish my run I will feel awesome, inspired, energised, full of life’s beans and as motivated as can be to get out again tomorrow to do it all over again.

But I just can’t find that initial willpower needed to get myself off the sofa and into my running kit.

Part of me is scared that since I have taken two weeks off I will be back at square one. Useless, slow (well, slower than the slow I usually am) and sluggish.

I’m sure I have put on tons of weight, same as everyone; I mean those mince pies wouldn’t have eaten themselves would they? Someone had to get involved and make an effort, and I’m sad to say I may have been slightly too eager to help out in the demolishing of Christmas treats task.

My training partner and ‘aunt who kicks butt’ Ros has been away too.

She went off in search of warmer climes for the month, and whilst she assures me she has not been doing lots of training I wouldn’t put it past her to have been clocking up high miles on a daily basis.

She is running the half marathon with me in March, and I know she will absolutely sail through.

Me? Well, I might see if I can find a pace car to sneak round in – after all it is at Silverstone.

I really need her back to shame me into eating less and running more.

Some of my chums on the Runner’s World forum were asking if I had disappeared as I hadn’t been online whining about how hard my training was.

I’m not sure if they were grateful for the break in complaining, or genuinely feared for my mental sanity as I get closer to the big day.

It is nice to have their support though, and I feel like I want to be part of their team, so I have to get back out there running.

Well, that’s it then. Decision made, I’m jolly well going to go home now and get out there. Even if only for a couple of miles. Yes sir. My mind is made up.

Just don’t ask me tomorrow morning if I went. It’s really very cold, wet and miserable out there tonight....

Actually, I have a cunning plan – I have arranged to meet Gill on Thursday to do some speed training. I can’t wuss out on that; I already used my one and only ‘get out of training free’ card when I let her down last week.

So.....training plan, it’s on. We’re officially back together.

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