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CAROLYN'S MARATHON BLOG: I'm paying the price for having fun!


29/08/13 Carolyn Bointon, Marathonist - Mayfield, Ashbourne 29/08/13 Carolyn Bointon, Marathonist - Mayfield, Ashbourne

I don’t know, you take a well-deserved, lazy week off between runs and it all goes pear-shaped.

That kind of describes my figure at the moment too.

It’s not even pear-shaped if I was honest, it’s more ‘apple belly with chunky chips legs’ shaped.

I thought when I started running I would lose weight, so how come my jeans are feeling so tight?

I’ve been trying to kid myself it’s because my thighs are building more muscle and getting athletically toned, but I think I need to face up to reality and admit I’ve been using the past three month’s exercise as an excuse to eat all the Christmas goodies on offer and be a total slob this week.

I clocked up just over five miles on my last Wednesday night outing, and was planning to add a couple of runs in over the weekend, but you know how it is, one thing led to another and suddenly it’s Wednesday again and I’m panicked into trying to cram the whole week’s mileage into one run.

When I say ‘one thing led to another’ I should clarify. One prosecco led to another.

The thing is now my training schedule is calling for five and six mile runs three times a week, with an eight to nine mile long run at the weekend, I really do struggle to fit it in.

Plus I get demotivated thinking I have to go out for an hour or more in the cold and rain.

I really need to get my butt in gear and get to the gym, but I am beating myself up with the usual rubbish about not wanting to go until I am thinner, fitter, size 8, more glamorous.

So I knew I had to motivate myself back on track and bullied myself into a long, slow run yesterday, and as always I really enjoyed it, but boy, it was tough.

My usual long route is lovely, it’s all the way round a local reservoir, and it’s eight miles in total, but the last couple of times I stopped at mile seven and used the last mile to cool down.

This time I made myself run it all.

I say run, I mean run/walk of course.

Someone had a really dirty trick in store for me though, the easy route round the water’s edge was closed and I had to take the high road, up, up, up through the woods and then just when I reached the top I realised it was an illusion, and round the corner was even more up!

I was training with Ros, and our two dogs, Joe and Lottie.

Lottie is a total snoot ball of a cocker spaniel with a proper Cruft’s trot, and she loves running.

She is the perfect training partner in fact, doesn’t get under your feet, keeps a decent pace, only very occasionally gets distracted by squawking pheasants and has tons of energy.

My dog on the other hand is a total nightmare.

He’s male, and has to piddle on every tree, post, gate, fence, blade of grass he comes across.

Stop, start, run, walk, stop, start, run, walk, stop, start, well, you get the picture.

He’s also getting on a bit now, and towards the end he was flagging a little.

It makes me laugh because the saying goes that owners resemble their dogs and it’s quite true for Ros and I.

No, I am not saying she is a snootball, behave!

But she does run well, she has a good steady pace and keeps chugging along without the need for constant breaks.

On the other hand I will stop at the slightest excuse for a walk break, complain bitterly about my old aching bones, and have to lie down for a couple of hours after a long run to recover.

So anyway, we managed seven and a half miles, with an ok pace, not my slowest, but nowhere near my fastest.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, I downloaded my official London Marathon training guide, and I’m going to try and stick with it from this week.

That’s my New Year’s resolution, I’m starting early and I am 100 per cent committed to it.

Mulled wine and mince pie anyone?

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