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Gimme a 'D'! for dating disaster and musical mishaps

Written byEleanor Carroll

At university, like most students, I spent a good chunk of my time in the Student Union bar. It was cheap and beat going back to a messy, festering, rat ridden house.

On one occasion, I was sipping on a Long Island Ice Tea with a friend after cheerleading practice, as you do. I was approached by a young chap, who announced that he wasn’t a chubby chaser. Strange as this may seem, this was standard for the SU bar! Upon cheerleaderhaving a brief conversation, he asked me to meet him for a drink. Possibly due to the fact I was wearing a cheerleading uniform. We arranged a day and time.

Late as always, I turned up to the date in the SU bar. He’d already bought me a drink. Slightly flustered from my rush, I sat down, sending the drink flying off the table into the middle of the room.

A little later on, I noticed some of my cheerleading pals in the bar. Naturally, I abandoned my date for a short while to chat with them. Our SU had a text in screen, where you could text in messages. We decided to text in that the cheerleaders were awesome! I decided to re-join my date, only for the two cheerleaders to come over and tell me to look at the screen. Someone had posted in negative messages about myself and the cheerleading team. Looking around, I spotted the culprit. A disgruntled ex-cheerleader. So in an American teen movie style showdown, we approached the girl. One of the cheerleaders was on crutches, due to an injury, so our approach to the showdown was slow, adding to the drama. My date now thoroughly excited by the thought of a cat fight, followed.

To cut a long story short, the girl apologised and decided that I wasn’t the evil mean girl with evil cheer minions and we lived happily ever after.

Your dating dilemmas:

Hi Eleanor,

Illustration by Robin Scott

I have a dating dilemma. I’ve been seeing a guy who recently started a band with his mates. They played their first gig last month and I thought I would be a supportive girlfriend and go and watch them. Unfortunately, they are absolutely terrible! He keeps asking me what I think of them and I don’t want to hurt their feelings so I have lied a little bit but I can’t bare to go to any more of their gigs and I feel embarrassed every time he brings them up. What shall I do?


Hi Kat

Completely understand your dilemma! My partner too, plays in a band, which used to be horrific! Thankfully they are now a lot better and ear bleeding is no longer a danger. Just be honest! Honesty is the best policy. Just tell him that his music sucks. You’ll be doing yourself and him a favour! You will save yourself the misfortune of attending gigs and he’ll have to rethink his music. By lieing to him, he thinks that what he is writing and playing is good, so he wont change. How would you feel if you knew everyone was laughing at him? All because you couldn’t tell him the truth? It is your duty as his girlfriend to be honest!

Though, he will get better with time! You can just grin and bare it for now, In the hope that practice makes perfect. There is nothing wrong with criticism, if it means that it will help him improve as a musician. My boyfriend's music used to make me cry, and not in a good way! Years later, he and his band are signed. It does get better, I promise! Though it may not. Music may just not be his forte.  

Have you got a dating dilemma? Want Eleanor to explain it all? Email your queries to staffordshirenewspapers@gmail.com.

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