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Garner's: pickled to perfection this Christmas


CHRISTMAS wouldn’t be Christmas without a pickle or two on the festive table.

Garner’s, known for its homemade taste and trademark crunch, can help add a bit of zing to the tiresome turkey buffet or jazz up the traditional sit-down meal.

If you’re under pressure to cook up a storm over the festive season and want to offer family and friends some new and delicious dishes to taste, Garner’s has a fabulous range of recipes.

Garner’s Original Pickled Onions are made using a traditional pickling method and unique recipe to keep that all-important crunch. Try slicing and adding to a turkey sandwich for extra zing. 454g/750g. RRP £2.79/£3.99.

Garner’s Pickled Shallots, otherwise known as the Connoisseur’s Pickles, have a uniquely balanced flavour thanks to the combination of the sweet, malty vinegar and the exotic spices.

Try sliced or diced as a delicious addition to onion gravy. 300g. RRP £2.49.

Garner’s Pickled Cabbage is a great-tasting, rustic yet vibrant product. Serve alongside a pie for added colour and flavour. 454g. RRP £2.69.

Garner’s Sweet Pickled Baby Onions are carefully selected when small to get that distinct sweetness. Great on a cocktail stick or in a Gibson Martini. 454g. RRP £2.79.

If you want to try an easy and simple recipe using Garner’s Pickled Onions, here’s one which will wow your guests this Christmas.

Skewered Chorizo, Prawns & Garner’s Pickled Onions

You will need:

250g small chorizo sausages

12 king prawns

1 handful flat-leafed parsley

6 Garner’s Pickled Onions

Red pepper, roasted and sliced

Serves 3


1. Cook the chorizo and prawns in a preheated griddle or pan for 1 1/2 minutes each side or until piping hot, then scatter with chopped parsley.

2. Thread onto skewers, alternating the chorizo, cooked prawn and sliced red pepper and finish with a Garner’s Pickled Onion.

3. To finish drizzle with a little vinegar from the jar.

For further inspiration ahead of the festive season, visit: www.pickledonionlovers.com

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