Published: 31/08/2012 08:35 - Updated: 29/08/2012 09:05

Military Street Style

As the Autumn/Winter catwalk was awash with military designs, it is unsurprising that fashion followers have already begun donning camo jackets and khaki trousers. 

Although this trend has seen a clear division between designers promoting the military chic (think a sophisticated, sexy Sergeant Major) and those going for a grunge revival (everything oversized, studded and with a serving of leather).  Storming the streets of Staffordshire, khaki and camo are reigning as what appears to be this county’s latest favourite trend.

These girls herald Kate Moss as their fashion icon which is clearly reflected in their effortless outfit selections.  Converse, leggings and oversized army gear all scream of Kate’s 90s grunge look and this pair make it look timeless. 

military street style 2

A more subtle camo jacket, ‘picked up from a military seconds shop’, allows Freddie to acknowledge this latest trend without slavishly losing his own personal style.  The flash of neon green laces emphasise that this look is his own and stand out from the muted Autumn/Winter palette of burgundy and khaki green.

military street style 3

As soon as I saw this look, I fell in love.  This lady provides a lesson on how to ensure that the military look stays feminine. Her use of the different khaki tones sets up a catwalk worthy base, however she saves this look from being boring with the shot of colour from her floral scarf.

Finally, here is how I would style an outfit for the military trend - with just enough sequins to reflect our continuing Olympic glory and lashings of black to avoid over cluttering the look.

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