Why would anyone not bother to wear a seatbelt?


Published: Sun 16 Mar 2014

THIS week I went to watch a police operation taking place focusing on road safety. It's national seat belt week apparently and, in response to this, a team of officers pitched up at a village petrol station

A glimpse into a brave new motoring world

Published: Wed 06 Nov 2013

RECENTLY I was driving a car with adaptive cruise control. It's nothing new but it's a great technology that uses, I presume, witchcraft to monitor the car in front and will brake and accelerate to maintain

One thing that really rattles me...

Published: Wed 25 Sep 2013

THERE are few things in this world I hate. Celery, tin openers and drizzle rank highly among the things that really tick me off but I must admit I really do hate rattles in a car.

Gareth Butterfield

Gareth Butterfield

Gareth Butterfield loves nothing more than driving cars and writing about them.

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